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Dr. Sherilynn Asuoha, LCPC 

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Master of Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Doctorate in Education


Dr. Sherilynn Asuoha is a licensed clinical professional counselor, published author, and educator. She holds a certificate in Christian ministry from the Sophia Institute of Kingdom Pathway Church and a Doctor of Education from Bradley University. Her current research and practice is grounded in two evidence-based, relational, result-oriented frameworks: Sanctuary Model (Bloom, 2008) and Culture of Care (Greenhough, Davies, and Bowlby, 2022)- both frameworks, though developed for distinguished systemic purposes, share a common emphasis on the power of relationship, values, and accountability- the most integral elements for establishing the culture and conditions required for healing, recovery and thriving after crises. 


“Pain is personal. No one can tell you how to experience it. Likewise, your purpose is personal to you, too,” -Dr. Sheri. 


She supports and equips individuals, couples, and families as they identify their “why” and develop a plan to identify and overcome any barriers to accomplishing their plan. Dr. Sheri utilizes and teaches clients the following therapeutic interventions to aid them on their journey to healthy, purposeful living: 

  1. Psychoeducation

  2. Motivational Interviewing

  3. Cognitive Behavior Therapies

  4. Dialectical Behavior Therapies 

The aforementioned therapies promote distress tolerance, emotional regulation, effective communication, value-based decision making, healthy social skills, boundaries, self-care, empathy, action planning, and other skills needed to live a healthy, meaningful, and productive life. 


Dr. Asuoha studied psychology and social work at Lewis University. She received several awards for her efforts in community service and student leadership. She graduated with honors and obtained her master's in clinical counseling from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Dr. Asuoha learned, served and lead in residential and treatment facilities such as Teen Living Programs (Ignite), Children’s Home + Aid Society, Inc., Emmaus, and Little City Foundation. She instituted the standard of equipping and hiring program participants and alumni to work collaboratively with clinicians and practitioners to implement accessible, trauma-informed, best-practice protocols and a healthy culture of care and sanctuary.  


In 2021, Dr. Sheri was invited by the Mayor of Chicago to work with a team of researchers, servicemen, and residential stakeholders to inform CPD’s Use of Force policies. She has authored and contributed to peer reviewed articles and manuscripts that address spiritual, mental, and organizational health.


Dr. Sheri is an adjunct professor at Northeastern Illinois University and an ordained Christian minister at her local church where she and a team run an after-school enrichment program. She is married to a musician /IT guy. Together, they have four daughters. She loves all things Star Wars, has a healthy obsession with books, and is of the unsolicited opinion that DC Comics are better than Marvel. 

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